Mexico, Tulum
The Mayan civilization remains to be one of the world's unsolved mysteries filled with inspiring innovation in all fields. We have created an exclusive, three-day immersive unconference in the heart of the lost Mayan civilization of Tulum.
The atmosphere of the event was imbued with the spirit of Mayan culture and art.
This marvelous gathering brought the community of innovators together to form the most impactful and insightful event in the industry. We encouraged members to explore the changes taking place in society from a technological, economic, political, environmental, and cultural point of view.
We created a unique environment with a flawless atmosphere to ensure the gathering of nonrandom people to build heartfelt connections and long-lasting business partnerships.
Sunset Yacht Party & Networking on a 100' Catamaran to Cozumel island with world-recognized DJ Veronica Fleyta and amazing Mexican DJ Robbie Akbal.